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When Is the Best Time to Schedule a Pre-Season Check for My Home's Heating System?
Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Technician checking outdoor unit

Maintenance agreements help you access affordable, expert care for your heating and cooling system. The investment pays off in lower monthly costs and HVAC equipment that lasts as long as possible. One of the first things you’ll do after enrollment is decide when to have a technician visit your home. So, when should you schedule your first appointment? 

Why You Should Schedule a Service Call before the Start of the Season

Scheduling your first maintenance visit can be confusing. You may be concerned about checking your furnace, for instance, at the end of the winter after months of daily use. By all means, schedule a service call if you’ve noticed problems, but also know it’s perfectly safe to wait if you haven’t seen warning signs.

It makes more of an impact if you check your equipment shortly before the start of the cool season. There’s a lot of time between spring and fall. It’s a big enough gap for problems to develop without anyone noticing, and those are the types of issues that lead to breakdowns and wasted energy.

Some of the most important tasks involved in a fall service call include:

• Cleaning drain lines and drain pans
• Tightening and lubing moving parts
• Testing electrical flow
• Clearing out pests and debris
• Upgrading your filter

Enroll in one of our handy maintenance agreements, and stay on top of your heating and cooling equipment. You’ll have lower utility bills throughout the season, and your house will stay more comfortable too. Contact G + S Energy for a convenient, cost-effective heating and cooling care plan.

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