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What Are Some of the Issues That I Should Be Aware of in Duct Design and Maintenance for My Office Building?
Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Designing a residential air duct plan

Commercial services experts agree—duct design is one of the chief factors that determines the efficiency of your office's heating and air conditioning system. Improperly fitted ducts typically feature significant leaks, which can lead to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in added energy costs each year. What's more, poor duct design may make some rooms too cold and others far too hot. The result is discomfort among employees, who cannot reach peak productivity if they spend all day shivering or sweating.

Consider these factors that impact your buildings energy efficiency:

  • Multiple duct systems may be required.
  • A single HVAC system is typically sufficient for a home or small storefront, but in larger commercial structures, multiple HVAC systems may be required—and each may need its own duct system. An HVAC expert can examine your office building to determine the extent of the systems needed and whether separate ductwork is required.

  • Duct cleaning and maintenance is even more important in office buildings.
  • Regular HVAC maintenance is essential in both residential and commercial structures, but because of the heavy usage of commercial HVAC systems (and the limited potential for simply suffering through a few extra degrees of warmth or cold), regular maintenance is of chief importance.

Multiple inspections may be required each year, particularly if adverse weather patterns lead to heavy usage. Compromised systems can have a huge impact on your company's productivity and professionalism, so prompt addressing of even minor problems is important.

Are you unsure about the proper design or maintenance upkeep necessary for your office building ductwork? The experts at G+S offer an array of commercial services designed to address these and other concerns, so get in touch today!

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