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Our Heater Is Almost 15 Years Old, How Can I Tell If It's Time for Replacement?
Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Commercial services are there to help your business make the tough decisions.

High Heating Bills

For most businesses, investing in a new heating unit is financially daunting. That’s why many business owners choose to put it off for as long as possible. But delaying and avoiding the issue won’t solve your problems. In fact, it will probably make them worse in the long run.

Here are the telltale signs that your heater might be headed for that big repair shop in the sky:

Repair costs spike?

Are you noticing an increasing frequency in the HVAC problems that plague your warehouse or office? If so, you might also notice that you are sacrificing productivity as well as precious dollars on repair expenses. Even though a new heater is a big cost, it is better to invest in a working system than to keep throwing money at one on its last leg.

Energy bills on the rise?

As heaters get older, they tend to operate with less efficiency. When this happens, monthly utility costs can start to become problematic. It’s a common occurrence, and one that usually prods people to take action and buy a new system.

Uneven heating?

Just as the costs can go up, the performance levels can plummet. Old systems have a hard time maintaining an even heating standard throughout your business, and this can lead to uncomfortable workers, unhappy clients, and a loss in productivity for your business. Even if you think you can get a couple more months out of your current heating system, it’s wise to start shopping before it clunks out altogether and you are left with an emergency repair situation to deal with.

Is it time for you to consider a new HVAC for your business? Click here to get more information and schedule commercial services with our friendly team of professionals at G&S Energy.

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