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The Biggest Air Conditioning Mistakes You Don't Want to Make
Monday, April 03, 2017
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Heating and air conditioning are always important, but in extremely hot weather, having a functional air conditioner is a necessity. A broken air conditioner, or one that isn't working properly, can be an absolute nightmare during the hottest times of the year. It's critical, then, to avoid key mistakes that could have a negative impact on your system's ability to do its job. 

Misusing the Thermostat Hurts the Air Conditioner

When it's particularly hot out, you might feel tempted to set your thermostat to the lowest possible temperature. The lower the temp, the better the cooling – right? Wrong! Inputting an excessively low temperature will make the unit work for much longer as it tries to bring the area down to the requested level of coolness. As the compressor stays on for longer, power will drain rapidly and the unit will suffer extra stress. This hurts its lifespan and potentially leads to breakdowns.

The Biggest Air Conditioning Mistake? Ignoring the Maintenance!

Eventually, all HVAC units will need replacement or an upgrade. This is inevitable, but it's an outcome that will come around much sooner without air conditioning maintenance. Whatever you hope to save by not opting for regular maintenance will vanish, as periodic servicing of your unit will help it last much longer. By having it looked over by professionals on a regular basis, you can resolve small issues before they can turn into big problems.

At G+S Energy, we specialize in heating and air conditioning, but we also prioritize our customers. Contact us to learn how we can help you avoid costly air conditioning mistakes and prolong the lifespan of your unit.

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