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4 Tips for DIY Heating System Maintenance
Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Reliable commercial services are vital for your business, but don’t forget the importance of basic upkeep.

HVAC System Air Filter

All the commercial services in the world won’t protect your heating and cooling system if you neglect the basics in between. Protect your business investment with these simple tips:

1. Become A Filter Fanatic:

It makes sense that one of the easiest ways to take care of your heating and cooling system is also one of the most forgotten. Simple human error accounts for countless clogged air filters around the country, which can lead to inefficient operational conditions, buildup of airborne allergens like dust, and higher utility bills. If you can remember to clean or change your system air filters on a regular basis, you will be removing one of the main threats to your beloved commercial appliance system.

2. The Insulation Sensation:

No one is going to suggest that you haul yourself into a cramped crawlspace and evaluate the airtightness of building ductwork – that’s best left to the professionals. But staying mindful of insulation habits should be a priority. It can be as simple as monitoring windows and doors to make sure that air isn’t escaping needlessly in the cool winter months. This will help conserve conditioned air and eliminate wasteful mishaps.

3. Programmable Thermostat:

This is a great investment for business owners who want to maximize the efficiency of their system. Set remote control options to shut off when no one is around, conserving energy during vacations, weekends, and even overnight.

4. Clean Machine:

You might not think the heating and air conditioning unit itself needs any TLC, but keeping this appliance relatively clean is proven to reduce inefficiency. If the unit is outdoors, make sure dirt and other buildup aren’t clogging the surface and potentially interfering with the fan or compressor. Keep vegetation cut back and leave the surrounding area clear for optimum maintenance access.

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