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3 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer
Thursday, August 29, 2019

Affordable maintenance agreements help you keep your home cool for less.

Maintenance agreements aren’t sexy, but they are one of the most affordable ways to stay comfortable throughout the year. Bundled services bill at lower rates than one-time visits and often provide perks, like priority service. When combined with the following three tips, you’ll be sure to lower your bills and keep your cool this summer.

1. Cover Your Windows

The beautiful summer sun brings higher temperatures along with it. Limit the impact by covering the windows, especially those on the south and west sides of the house. Putting up blinds, curtains, or blackout shades can make a big difference. Awnings and strategically placed landscaping can also provide shade for a cooler house.

2. Run the AC Colder at Night

Some homeowners turn the thermostat up at night thinking the heat won’t bother them as much while they sleep. Unfortunately, studies show cooler environments are more conducive to quality sleep. Turning the thermostat down to a lower temperature helps you to rest better, and it also benefits energy use. Your home will absorb the colder air at night and stay cooler for longer the next day.

3. Reduce the Humidity

Just like the hot, humid air found in the great outdoors, indoor humidity makes for decreased comfort inside your home during the summer. Running a dehumidifier lowers humidity and makes the indoor air feel cooler. You’ll have a more comfortable house without lowering the thermostat.

Maintenance agreements are your first defense in the fight against big summer electricity bills. Talk to G+S Heating Air Energy Services about Energy Savings Agreements and for other ideas on how to stay cool when the weather is hot.

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