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3 Ways Humidifiers Can Help Keep You Healthy This Winter
Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Some people swear by them and others have yet to experience the wonder - where do you land on the humidifier spectrum?

Humidifiers keep you healthy

Ever wake up in the middle of the night with a scratchy sore throat and have no idea where it came from? Here are 3 ways a humidifier can help prevent situations like this, as well as other wintertime health issues:

1. Take Hydration to the Next Level.

We typically think most about hydration during the hottest days of summer, when symptoms of heat stroke and dehydration are more obvious and more common. But the low humidity levels of cold weather can cause their own set of problems, too. Breathing dry air is painful and leaves your throat and lungs raw, sore, and vulnerable to developing other symptoms.

2. Sleep Better.

Dryness in the air can have a large impact on your respiratory health, which in turn can greatly impact the quality of your sleep. Getting good rest is one of the simplest and best ways to maintain good health and wellness. If you are tired and run-down, your immune system has to work harder to protect you from common germs. Don't leave yourself vulnerable this cold and flu season; invest in a humidifier and sleep better at night.

3. Soothe Your Allergies.

Seasonal allergies can wreak havoc on your life - for some people, symptoms are even so severe that they may require preventative action. We're talking about more than just the sniffles here. Allergies can cause congestion, sore throat, and even a runny nose, but a humidifier can help make your home a safe, comfortable environment that soothes rather than exacerbates these issues.

To learn more about the benefits of humidifiers and other tips for staying happy and healthy this winter, contact us at G+S Energy today.

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