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3 Steps to More Affordable Home Heating
Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Energy efficiency can start with a small step in the right direction.

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With so much green technology available today, it might seem like energy efficiency is another costly investment. But homeowners looking to make a significant change in their energy landscape can start immediately—without sacrificing comfort this winter.

The Wicked Truth about Weather-Stripping

A huge threat to your home heating comfort is actually a small detail that many homeowners overlook. Outdated weather stripping around doors and windows can compromise the indoor temperature your heating system is working hard to maintain. These leaks can be an insidious threat to comfort and cost management because many homeowners turn up their thermostat to maintain the temperature. Cut down on heat loss by replacing the weather stripping around doors and windows every few years.

Insulate before It’s Too Late

In addition to tiny crevices and cracks in the lining of your home, the walls and ceilings themselves can be a big problem in the winter if they don’t have proper insulation. Homes with attics and chimneys are especially vulnerable. As heat rises, it can easily be lost out the top of your home.

Call for Backup!

A portable heater is the kind of small investment that can take some pressure off your system and provide inexpensive auxiliary support. If you notice your heating bills are running a little high, picking up a space heater can keep you warm at night. The home will be a little cooler overall, but you’ll be snug in your bedroom without paying to heat the whole house!

Click here to get more tips for energy efficiency to keep you warm this winter from our team of professionals at G+S.

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