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3 Solutions to the Most Common Heating Issues
Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Energy efficiency is a natural bonus of the well cared for system? Score!

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When you make energy efficiency a priority, you are committing to lower utility bills, longer lifespans for your appliances, and significantly fewer repair situations in your future. So it makes sense that most people get pretty excited when they learn about new, simple ways to improve overall energy efficiency. Many common heating repair issues can be dealt with just by focusing on energy efficient methods.

Here are three common energy efficiency problems and solutions:

1. Ineffective Air Distribution:

So you’re running the heating and cooling unit, but some parts of your house just don’t feel comfortable? It might be an easier fix than you think. Dirty or outdated filters can clog the passageways and make it difficult to evenly distribute conditioned air throughout your home. Air filters need to be cleaned and changed on a regular basis to prevent your heating system from operating inefficiently.

2. Repetitive Cycling:

Does your heating system turn on and off with too much frequency? This is a common complaint among homeowners when the temperatures start to drop and unmaintained systems start to run erratically. It could be a symptom of a clogged filter or bad airflow, making it difficult for your system to hit the thermostat setting. Therefore, the heating system turns back on not long after it has shut off, spiking your electric bill and failing to keep your family comfortable.

3. Emergency Repair:

Coming home to a chilly house in the middle of winter is a nasty surprise for some homeowners, but it shouldn’t be. Most emergency repair situations are entirely avoidable. Investing in preventative maintenance from certified technicians is the easiest long-term solution.

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