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3 Foolproof Ways to Lower Your Indoor Humidity
Thursday, September 07, 2017
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Cutting back on the humidity in your house not only keeps you more comfortable, but it also helps you cut back on heating and air conditioning usage. Additionally, less humidity improves the air quality in your home by making it harder for mildew and mold to grow. Even the more pleasant stretches of weather during the year can become frustrating if the humidity is high. Luckily, there are measures you can take to reverse this. Here are three of them:

#1: Improve Airflow to Reduce Humidity

Moisture can build up in your house after certain activities, like showering or cooking. To offset this, run exhaust fans to remove the excess moisture, but make sure they aren't on for too long. Over time they can draw more humidity into the house if they aren't shut off. Your attic, another important ventilation point, should also have steady air flow. Otherwise, it will accumulate moisture that can eventually work its way to the other parts of your home.

#2: Take Steps to Keep Humid Air Out

Hot, humid air can seep into your home from outside at various points, such as around windows, doors and exhaust vents. Sealing these potential gaps with caulking can keep the extra humidity out. Also, it'll help your energy efficiency by cutting back on the cooled air you lose.

#3: Add a Dehumidifier to Your HVAC System

Better ventilation and caulked leaks will help, but nothing will surpass the impact of installing a dehumidifier into your HVAC system. As air passes through a dehumidifier, it pulls out the moisture, and then the dry air circulates through the home.

Humidity in the home can be a nuisance, and if it grows bad enough, can become a health concern. At G+S Energy we know how important it is for your home's air supply to be comfortable and safe. That's why you can count on our experts to set you up with all the measures you'll need to keep excess moisture out of the air you breathe.

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