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3 Easy Ways to Boost the Efficiency of My Home's HVAC System
Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Energy efficiency is within your reach!

Attic Insulation

Making energy efficiency a priority in your home is all about commitment and common sense. There are so many initiatives and inventions designed to streamline their home’s heating and cooling processes that homeowners have a whole world of possibilities at their fingertips.

So even if you aren’t ready to invest in any fancy new equipment, there are still ways to boost energy efficiency in your home:

1. Insulate Before It’s Too Late.

The trick to staying comfortable in extreme weather is insulation – keeping the conditioned air (warm or cool) indoors. It’s the same logic that parents use when they tell their kids to roll up the car window while the AC is on. If you can prevent outside air from coming in and inside air from escaping, your heating and cooling system will have to work less to maintain a comfortable temperature. Bad insulation is a huge threat to efficiency and eliminating it will cut down on expenses.

2. Practice the Art of Restraint.

If you don’t need it, don’t use it. This is a good rule of thumb in the fall and spring, when temperatures aren’t usually very extreme in either direction. Using supplemental devices like floor or ceiling fans can keep you comfortable and give your system a break for a few days.

3. Know When to Pull the Plug.

At a certain point, heating and cooling systems become outstripped by wear and tear and should be replaced by better technology as it becomes available. Don’t keep pouring money into repairs that ultimately represent a failing investment.

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