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3 Cool Facts about Wifi Thermostats
Wednesday, July 05, 2017
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If you have an older thermostat, you’re probably accustomed to the more traditional method of controlling your heating and air conditioning system. While this might not seem like much of an issue, making all your temperature changes in real time can be a recipe for wasted money - or an uncomfortable family! Wifi thermostats offer features that can translate to a more comfortable home, as well as lower monthly bills.

Check out these three benefits you don't want to miss:

1. Programmable Thermostats Can "Learn" Heating and Cooling Preferences

With the proper programming, Wifi thermostats can stop or lessen heating and cooling after you've left for work. This not only grants you additional convenience in general but makes it much easier for you to save money. You wouldn't be paying to keep an empty house comfortable anymore. The programmable thermostat also lets you ensure that your home is comfortable again when you arrive home.

2. Control Your Air Conditioning from Anywhere

It's a mobile world we live in now, and there's no reason that can't apply to our HVAC systems. Wifi-compatible thermostats with "smart" features allow users to control the temperature from mobile devices. These include laptops, tablets and even smartphones. If you forgot to change something in your thermostat's schedule, but you're already at work, there's no need to wait until you get home to make the correction.

3. Smart Thermostats Don't Just Create HVAC Savings; They Simplify It

A smart thermostat will cut back on your energy costs by helping you become more efficient. This is a major benefit, but it's only the beginning! In addition to everything else they can do for you and your household, smart thermostats can display your energy usage in real time. With this feature, you can be much more aware of your consumption, as well as when it is high or low. You can then use this information to make adjustments to your programming to cut down on your costs.

At G+S Energy, we can help you find the upgrades and fixes that make your system as effective and efficient as possible. Our help will not only keep your family more comfortable, but we'll also do what we can to keep your costs down throughout the seasonal changes. To learn more about Wifi thermostats and other heating and air conditioning improvements, contact us at 704-933-2256 today.

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