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3 Benefits of Installing a Ceiling Fan
Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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You may not think ceiling fans can do much for you, but a reputable provider of energy services will tell you that they can actually make a significant difference in your home! Not only are they a stylish lighting solution, but they come along with benefits that impact your energy costs and comfort. Consider these three benefits:

1. Fans Use Less Energy to Provide Cooling and Warmth

In many cases, ceiling fans run constantly in the warmer months of the year and then sit idle when the weather turns cold. This is because a lot of people aren’t aware of the switch that changes the direction of the fan blade rotation. If you set the blades to run clockwise, the fan will push hotter air (which naturally travels upward) down from the ceiling, warming the area below.

2. Ceiling Fans Help Reduce Consumption

Fans don't necessarily lower a room's temperature, but they can certainly lower your electric bills! The downward draft of cold air they provide makes the area feel cooler, which means you can maintain the same level of comfort with a higher temperature setting on the thermostat. Even a difference of just a few degrees can have a major effect on your energy consumption.

3. Fans Grant Flexibility for Different Rooms Without Wasting Energy

Different areas in your house can be more comfortable with ceiling fans, based on the preferences of the people staying in the rooms. Having this versatility allows you to keep family members happier, as the settings used on the HVAC system wouldn't be the only factor determining how comfortable a room feels. Additionally, the energy savings you'll enjoy will increase if you feature more fans throughout the house.

Ceiling fans are just one way you can help bring down your energy costs while staying comfortable. To learn more about different ways energy services can reduce your bills, as well as your carbon footprint, get in touch with our team of experts at G+S Energy today.

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