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Does Your Home Layout Affect Your Energy Bill?
Thursday, June 13, 2019
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The layout of your home is directly related to how much you spend on energy services each month.

When buying a home, you’ll have plenty of layout options to choose from, but which of these will help you save money on energy services? Before you decide on a new home, it’s smart to consider the layout. Many homebuyers don’t realize that certain floor plans cost more money to heat and cool throughout the year.

Open Floor Plans: Trendy and Cost Efficient

For the past few decades, open floor plans have grown in popularity with homebuyers. This layout connects rooms without needing as many doors or walls as a traditional layout. The best part? Open floor plans help HVAC systems run more efficiently, which will, in turn, keep your energy bills lower.

High Ceilings: Beautiful but Costly

Homebuyers love the look of high ceilings, especially in entryways and living rooms. However, the beauty of these tall ceilings comes with higher energy bills. It simply costs more money to heat and cool the extra space. If you buy a home with high ceilings, make sure it has enough insulation in the attic and walls to help keep your energy usage at a minimum.

Large Windows: A Double-Edged Sword

Homes with lots of large windows are very attractive to homebuyers. Depending on the placement of the windows, they can help you save money on energy. Windows provide heat during the winter thanks to extra sunlight. During the summer, you can open windows to help cool a room with a fresh breeze. However, if the windows aren’t energy efficient, you may actually see a rise in your energy bills. Upgrading to higher quality windows will help keep your energy bills more reasonable.

If you’re worried that your home’s layout is boosting your energy bill, let the HVAC pros at G+S Heating, Air, and Energy Services help you out. Contact us at 704-933-2256 to learn how updating your HVAC system can help you save money on energy services no matter the layout of your home.

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Keep Your Home Cooler This Summer with These 3 Zoning Techniques
Thursday, June 06, 2019
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Learn how to properly create zones to limit how much your heating and air conditioning system runs this season.

Running your heating and air conditioning system on high to change the temperature in a single room is impractical and expensive. Using these simple, yet effective, zoning techniques will ensure your home stays cool all summer long.

Close Off Unused Rooms

Open doors and windows consume more energy than closed ones. Your AC works harder to keep a house cool if you keep too many doors open. When a room is not in use, remember to close all of the doors and windows. You can even partially close the air vents to further reduce the amount of energy needed to cool your home.

Install More Thermostats

If you own a large home or one with multiple stories, you should consider adding more thermostats. This gives you the ability to control the temperature for different rooms in your home. For example, if you're hosting a party downstairs, you can lower the temperature in that area without cooling every other room in the house. Never install thermostats near windows or hot appliances, as this will cause your unit to run continuously.

Add Zone Dampers

Zone dampers make it easy to cut off or restrict air to certain areas of your home. Have your HVAC company install a zone damper in your air duct system. This will help keep the most used rooms in your home cooler without wasting energy on the unused spaces.

Zoning your home is one of the most effective ways to keep every room cool and comfortable throughout the hotter months. Are you tired of dealing with unpredictable temperatures in your home? Get in touch with G+S Heating, Air, and Energy Services to schedule zoning services for your heating and air conditioning system this summer.

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Keep Your Home Cooler This Summer with These 3 Zoning Techniques Read more >>
What’s That Noise? 4 Signs Your AC Needs a Maintenance Visit ASAP
Thursday, May 23, 2019
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A maintenance agreement can prevent unpleasant and unexpected issues in your HVAC system.

Can a maintenance agreement stop the things that go bump in the night? Every house has unique sounds. Homeowners get familiar with those sounds, and they can even seem ‘comforting.’ So, in the middle of the night, if you hear a strange noise, and it’s coming from the heating and air conditioning system, it might be time for maintenance. Keep reading for four warning signs to look for.

Strange Sounds Disturbing the Peace

A well-maintained heating and air conditioning system hums along quietly – you hardly notice that it is there. If you suddenly notice unusual noises, especially popping, hissing, banging, or grinding sounds, immediately call your service provider for a repair.

Drips, Moisture, or Pools of Water

A constant drip or water pooling around the system could be a sign of a serious problem. The system should always be dry, and water could potentially cause electrical damage.M/p>

Air Flow Is Poor or Not Cold Enough

If air is not circulating properly or doesn’t seem cold enough, you might want to consider a professional inspection. There could be multiple causes, such as clogged ducts or dirty air filters but if the system is struggling to produce cool air, it will be working overtime.

Do You Notice a Funny Smell?

A strange smell in your home is never a good thing. If the smell is coming from the heating and air conditioning system it could be a pest infiltration, a burned out wire, or a clog of dust or debris that’s the culprit. No matter the cause, the system should not smell and needs inspection.

Scheduling Regular Maintenance Is an Effective Preventative Measure

Scheduling a twice-yearly maintenance check-up of your heating and air conditioning system is an excellent way to keep your system running at its best. At G+S, our professionally trained technicians can locate and repair potential problems before they become significant and costly repairs.

Spring is a great time to contact our specialists at G+S Heating, Air and Energy Services to discuss a maintenance agreement. Let us provide you and your family with peace of mind and comfort year round.

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What’s That Noise? 4 Signs Your AC Needs a Maintenance Visit ASAP Read more >>
4 Ways to Spring into Action and Prep Your Commercial AC Unit for the Summer
Thursday, May 16, 2019
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Commercial services for your HVAC system will keep your employees healthy and happy through the hot summer months ahead.

Have you made an appointment with your commercial services team for HVAC maintenance yet? As a busy business owner, maintaining your commercial HVAC system can sometimes be a project that slips through the cracks. A preventive maintenance call in the spring can really cut down on the chances of a major breakdown that could cost you plenty in terms of repair and lost working hours.

Let the Professionals Take Care of Your HVAC System

Take a look at three ways the right HVAC commercial services team can keep your business in business:

  • A good technician will include cleaning and replacement of filters in your regular maintenance. Typically, the filters are easy and inexpensive to replace and are one of the most important ways you can be sure that your employees have clean, fresh air to breathe in the office.
  • They can also clean out the ducting. Dust and debris gather in the ducting of the HVAC system and contribute to inefficiency and poor air quality. Though not generally part of the regular maintenance appointment, it’s a great add-on. Your HVAC professionals are the best for this job since their equipment can reach all the nooks and crannies where gunk can hide.
  • Need a tune up? If you haven’t scheduled a professional tune-up for your HVAC system in a while, now is a great time to do it. Your HVAC professionals can spot small, easy to repair problems before they become large, costly problems. Making sure that the system is in good repair and operating efficiently creates savings for you as a business owner.
  • Keep Your System Running Efficiently and Your Employees Healthy

    A clean working environment, with plenty of cool, clean air will keep your employees healthy and happy during the hot summer months. Develop a relationship with the commercial services team at G+S Heating, Air and Energy Services. Together, we can develop a plan to keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape.

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    4 Ways to Spring into Action and Prep Your Commercial AC Unit for the Summer Read more >>

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