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Energy Savings Agreement

You’ll Want to Know about this Energy Savings Agreement

G+S Energy offers a comprehensive solution for customers looking to invest in a reliable maintenance plan for their heating/cooling system. The Energy Savings Agreement encompasses a range of services and benefits that are designed to increase the life span of your unit and also improve performance.

  • Pre-Season Checkups. There’s nothing worse than having a heating or cooling issue and being forced to wait for repairs. The busiest seasons for HVAC companies are typically winter and summer, when many system problems crop up in homes and offices. An Energy Savings Agreement qualifies you for inspection and service prior to the peak season rush, so you can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter without having to worry about being put on a waiting list.
  • Energy Savings. Optimize the performance of your unit and save every month on your utility expenses. A clean system runs more efficiently, doesn’t consume as much energy, and costs less. Paying a little more now to save long-term on your energy bill is a smart investment in comfort and safety.
  • Fast, Reliable Service. Have confidence that you’ve selected the best response team should an unforeseen emergency ever arise. By being an Energy Savings Agreement holder, you receive priority service, moving you to the front of the line, which comes in handy when the weather goes to the extremes and waiting lists get long.
  • Reduced Repair Costs. In the event that your unit does need to be repaired, the Energy Savings Agreement qualifies you for 15% off standard prices and no overtime rates.
  • Transferrable Agreement. Should you choose to sell your home, the Energy Savings Agreement is attached to the house and can be transferred to new owners. This can increase the market value of your home and be an attractive feature when selling.

All of these factors contribute to increasing the life of your HVAC equipment. For more information, get in touch with G+S today about the Energy Savings Agreement plans we offer. Call us today at 704-933-2256.

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