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Dual Fuel (Hybrid Systems)

Dual fuel systems are commonly called hybrid systems, because they are two systems combined. These units have a lot to offer, as they combine the benefits of both a heat pump and a furnace. This makes for one unit that can make sure your home is prepared for whatever winter weather comes.

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Dual fuel systems are the perfect option for a Carolina winter, as they will run most efficiently in mild winters but can still deliver in harsher temperatures. During mildly cold temperatures, the heat pump circulates heat drawn from outside air throughout your home. Heat pumps are able to do this very efficiently as you actually aren’t heating any air, only redistributing.

This allows you to heat your home with the efficiency of an electric heat pump, which will help lower your heating costs from day one. Lower energy consumption leads to more dollars in your wallet, which is always a good thing.

If the cold temperatures grow more extreme, however, then the dual fuel system adjusts automatically to continue providing the warmth you need. As soon as temperatures drop below a certain degree, the furnace kicks on and continues to keep your home just as warm as you desire. You always get maximum efficiency and it comes automatically.

With the mild winters that we often experience in the Carolinas, these systems are perfect. You are able to benefit from the efficiency and lower operating cost of a heat pump while having access to the heating power of a furnace should you need it. The system automatically operates at its most efficient, which means you can kick back and enjoy the savings on your heating bill.

If you are wondering if a dual fuel system is the best option for your home, contact an expert at G+S Energy today. We can help you assess your situation and needs, then help you decide on what heating solution will fit best. Check out the dual fuel systems that we offer, and think about how much energy you could save.