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Want a simple system with one function: to keep your home warm? Consider a boiler. Boilers provide thorough, constant warmth through your home. No wasted steps, no added noise, just the warmth you need at the time you need it most.

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When it comes to heating homes, it’s hard to match the level of heat provided by a boiler. For that reason, boilers have, for years, been one of the top options when it comes to residential heating. Boilers are the central piece of a steam/hot water heating system. As such, they heat water, and then distribute the heat that results throughout your home through pipes.

Different boilers run off of different sources of energy. These sources include natural gas, coal, oil, or wood. The most common models today are ones that run on natural gas. Whatever the source, boilers run efficiently and safely.

Boilers serve the same function today as they always have, but boilers today are very different than ones in years past. Older boilers were less efficient, as they would constantly heat the water until it reached a maximum temperature. As you can imagine, this method was often less than safe.

Today’s highly efficient boilers automatically monitor water temperature to manage its output to match only what is required to reach your home’s desired indoor temperature. This not only makes them more efficient but safe, as well. Advancements in boilers have kept them as one of the top options in residential heating.

Installing a boiler correctly and maintaining it well is vital to achieving the efficiency that will save you money while you make your home comfortable in the winter. Keeping the savings adding up and heat flowing as best they can.

If you have questions regarding boilers, or if you are wondering if a boiler is the perfect option for your home – get in touch with a G+S expert today. Our technicians are no strangers to boilers, and have all the information you need to decide if a boiler is right for your heating needs and situation.