Your HVAC System May Need Some TLC After a Summer Storm. Here’s Why…

summer storm hitting a house

Have you seen a lot of summer storms? Don’t forget HVAC maintenance to ensure your system is in good shape after the storm.

We are no strangers to summer storms in the south but making sure you schedule HVAC maintenance can help you keep your cool. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t consider their air conditioning system when cleaning up after bad weather. Here’s why your HVAC needs some TLC when the skies clear.

Storm Damage

Summer weather can really do some damage to your home, and that includes your HVAC unit. Even in a typical summer storm, the equipment can suffer water, debris, and mud damage. When the weather does get extreme, flying debris, hail, and wind can wreak havoc on the outdoor unit. This type of damage can lead to system failure, including electrical issues, fan and blower problems, and cooling unit shutdown.

Why HVAC Repair is Critical

HVAC repair is critical after a storm, especially if you notice any issues with your air conditioner. Here are some things to look for:

  • Strange sounds could indicate damage to the cabinet or moving parts. Rattling, squealing, screeching, and buzzing indicate your system needs professional attention.
  • No power to the unit could mean a breaker flipped during the storm. That’s an easy fix, but no power could also mean electrical damage, requiring an HVAC technician for repair.
  • Water around the unit is a bad sign. Storms come and go, but water should drain away somewhat quickly when the rain stops. If you have water around the HVAC equipment, don’t try to do any HVAC repair yourself. Call a professional.

Even if summer storms are the norm in your area, it’s important to take post-storm HVAC maintenance seriously. Leaving minor issues unattended can lead to costly repairs. Reach out to G+S Heating and Air to schedule an HVAC inspection and some TLC for your HVAC system after the storm.

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