Why You Should Add an HVAC Maintenance Visit to Your Spring Cleaning To-Do List

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Will you get your HVAC maintenance appointment this spring?

As rising temperatures have you thinking about spring cleaning, have you stopped to consider the benefits of a maintenance agreement? Summer is just around the corner, which means your air conditioner is about to be on duty. While you are sorting out the clutter and wiping away the dust, take a moment to plan for your family's summertime comfort. Is an HVAC maintenance visit part of your spring cleaning to-do list? Here’s why it should be:

Preventative Care Means Peace of Mind

The typical HVAC maintenance appointment includes a thorough inspection of your system. This look-through is the best way to identify worn, damaged, or failing parts before they completely quit working. Preventative care is just what it sounds like: it will prevent your family from suffering from summer heat while you wait for a maintenance specialist to become available.

The second benefit to your HVAC maintenance appointment is that most service providers will offer a discount on most parts, assuming repairs are necessary. Think of it as a bonus for deciding to do the responsible thing.

Another important component of HVAC maintenance visits is routine care for your air conditioner. Your technician should tighten fasteners, lubricate moving parts, and offer advice for improving your system’s performance and efficiency. Your meager investment in a maintenance visit could save you a bundle of money on your utility bills.

Your Kannapolis HVAC Maintenance Visit with G+S

Has it been some time since a trained professional inspected your air conditioner? Perhaps this spring is a good time to call G+S Heating Air Energy Services. Our HVAC technicians provide the best service Kannapolis has to offer. Learn more about our HVAC maintenance agreements and then contact us to schedule your appointment.

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