Why Does It Smell Like the Furnace Is Burning When It’s Turned On?

Are you a little worried because your heating and air conditioning system smells a little strange? If you smell something burning, it could be something minor, but don’t ignore the odor in case it’s something major. There are a few common reasons your furnace smells like it’s burning when it’s turned on. 

When It’s Something Minor

The first time you run your furnace in the fall or winter, you might notice a burning smell. This is because the dust that’s collected on the coils over the spring and summer months burns off the first few times you run your furnace for the season. That could be the odor you smell coming through your vents. If it doesn’t go away after a few cycles, it could be something more serious. 

When It’s Something Major

If the burning smell doesn’t disappear after running your furnace a few times, it could be something more significant than dust. The smell like something is burning could be a sign of something overheating, such as wiring or the motor. If it’s the wiring, you need HVAC service as soon as possible to avoid potential fire risk. If it’s the motor, it could be the lubricant overheating making it smoke and smell like it’s burning. Either way, you should contact your HVAC company to schedule service. 

If you’re concerned about the smell coming from your furnace, especially if it smells like it’s burning, don’t wait. Instead, contact the HVAC experts at G+S Heating and Air to schedule a service call with one of their experienced technicians. 

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