Which Home Heating Solution Is Best for Me?

Different home heating solutions work better for different circumstances. Here’s a guide to the most common types of home heating to help you determine which will work best for you.


Boiler systems might seem outdated, but they’re a clean, efficient way to heat your home. They use hot water sent through pipes to radiators installed throughout your home to heat the individual rooms. Like central heat, it runs off of one or more thermostats that direct the system to cycle on and off to provide heat.


A furnace works by burning fuel to create energy that heats the air that blows through ducts to the vents in your home. A furnace is a central system that generally uses the same ducts and vents as your air conditioner and is the most common type of heating system. There are two types of furnaces – gas and oil. A gas furnace runs on natural gas that comes into your home from a city utility company, while an oil furnace uses oil purchased by you and stored in a tank on your property. Furnaces are efficient and run off one or more thermostats, heating your whole home through the vents.

Choosing the right heating solution for your home can depend on many variables, including whether or not your home has natural gas, if you have ductwork, and what type of heat works best for your needs. If you still feel unsure, you can rely on the experts to guide you in the decision to ensure you get the right system for you and your home. Reach out to the pros at G+S Heating and Air for the expert help you need.

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