What Indoor Temperature Is Best in The Summer?

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Summer is prime time for air conditioning your house to the max, but is that the best strategy? There are some guidelines for cooling your home in the heat of summer. Let’s take a look at what you should know about the best indoor temperature for summertime comfort.

A Good Rule of Thumb

The best rule of thumb is to set the thermostat at a temperature that makes you the happiest and keeps your home the most comfortable for your preferences. However, if your goal is to keep your home cool and to increase your energy efficiency, there is another way.

The Ideal Indoor Temperature for Summer

For comfort and cost savings, 78 degrees is the ideal temperature for your home in the summer according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Does that sound too warm? If yes, you’re not alone. The good news is, there are ways to increase your comfort while also increasing your energy efficiency.

Humidity and Your AC

One thing that makes your home feel hotter in the summer is the humidity. As the temperature rises, so does the humidity level. Reducing the relative humidity inside your home with a dehumidifier makes it feel cooler and more comfortable without cranking the air conditioner.

Adding a Smart Thermostat

Another way to customize your temperature control and your energy use is by adding a smart thermostat. It allows you to personalize your temperature settings based on when you’re at home and how cool you want it at any given time. This programmability also helps your HVAC system be more energy efficient by cooling your home only when you need it.

There is no one right answer when you’re asking about the best indoor temperature in the summer. Being comfortable is the top priority, but energy efficiency is a close second. Talk to the professionals at G+S Heating Air Energy Services to find out more about things you can do to save money on your energy bills without sacrificing your nice cool house.

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