Office Indoor Air Quality Tips to Help Your Employees Breathe Easier

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How can you improve air quality in an airtight office space? Learn now from the commercial services pros.

If you are concerned about indoor air quality at your workplace, it’s time to get some tips from commercial services experts. Office buildings are notorious for recycling air that's full of dust, germs, and pollutants. These airtight structures can increase lost work days due to allergies, asthma symptoms, and illnesses.

Try these indoor air quality tips to help your employees breathe easier at work:

Get Some Air-Scrubbing Plants

Many plants improve indoor air quality by absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen. Plus, they are attractive and can provide a mood boost for your employees. Peace plants, spider plants, and Boston ferns are just a few examples of air-scrubbing plants that can help.

Open Windows, If You Can

Office buildings often have sealed windows, especially on higher floors. But if you have the option, open the windows and doors during comfortable days to let in fresh air. Pollutants will drift out, stuffy odors will dissipate, and your staff will find it easier to breathe in the office right away.

Get an Indoor Air Quality Audit

If you are deeply concerned about the air quality in your office building, schedule an indoor air quality audit with your HVAC professional. These tests will identify sources of indoor pollution, such as dirty carpets, foul air ducts, or faulty machinery. Once you know where the air pollutants are coming from, you can address the problem and get your office’s air supply cleaned up.

G+S Offers Commercial Services Air Quality Audits

If your Kannapolis-area office space needs an indoor air quality audit, G+S is here to help. We have served the HVAC commercial services needs of this region for almost 60 years, building a strong reputation for quality service. Contact us to schedule your indoor air quality audit; our customer service team will be in touch right away.

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