Is Switching from AC To Heat Bad for Your Home System?

switching between ac and heat

Switching between AC and heat is pretty common in the spring and fall as the seasons and temperatures change. It can be hot outside during the day and cool at night, or vice versa, and you want your home to remain comfortable either way. But is it bad for your HVAC system to alternate back and forth?

Is it Safe to Switch between AC and Heat?

Most homeowner’s biggest concern regarding going back and forth between heat and air conditioning is wear and tear on their HVAC system. This is a valid worry, however, if you manage your thermostat correctly, you can avoid any potential issues or damage to the heating and cooling equipment. Short cycling is what you want to avoid.

What is Short Cycling?

Short cycling is when your HVAC unit stops functioning suddenly without completing a cycle. For example, this can happen if you turn the system off or dramatically change the temperature in the middle of a heating or cooling cycle. This extreme stop in the middle of a cycle can lead to locking up the compressor and potential repairs.

How to Switch Safely

Alternating AC and heat is sometimes necessary to keep your home comfortable when the weather and outdoor temperatures fluctuate in the fall. Programming your thermostat correctly is one way to ensure the switch back and forth happens in between cycles and doesn’t lead to HVAC damage.

If you need more guidance with switching between AC and heat or are looking to upgrade to a smart and programmable thermostat to make the process easier, reach out to the team that can handle all your heating and air conditioning needs. Contact G+S Heating and Air today.

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