How to Manage Your Energy Bill If Your Home Has Vaulted Ceilings

Which heating and air conditioning hacks make a difference for your home?

Impressive, wide-open indoor spaces became popular in the 70s, but when they come with vaulted ceilings, they tend to be a big problem for heating and air conditioning. Condensation issues aside, it’s difficult to keep these rooms comfortable without wasting energy. If you’re not careful, your great room could turn into a great big monthly expense.

Start with the Right Size of System for Your Home

Too many homeowners select heating and cooling equipment based on the number of rooms in their homes. The layout of your space has a bigger impact on how effective your equipment regulates the temperature. For instance, a unit that is too small will quickly cycle on and off, which wastes energy as well as puts a strain on your system. A qualified HVAC technician will help you find the perfectly-sized unit for your home.

Select the Best Ceiling Fans for the Space

Ceiling fans come in a wide variety, but the very best for a room with a vaulted ceiling has wide paddles and the ability to switch from clockwise to counterclockwise operation easily. In winter, the reverse setting helps disperse warm air collected near the peak of the ceiling. In summer, the regular setting circulates cold air, creates a cooling breeze, and encourages evaporation.

Consider Zoned Systems for the Most Efficient Setup Possible

Zoned heating and cooling solutions have different units poised to control the temperature, ventilation, humidity, and other comfort features throughout your property. Each zone of your home has its own thermostat too, so you’re only running your equipment when it’s truly needed.

Contact G+S Heating Air and Energy Services for help with heating and air conditioning a room that has a vaulted ceiling. We have the smart, affordable HVAC solutions you need.

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