How to Control the Humidity in Your Home

If you notice the air in your home feels swampy and sticky, you likely have a humidity control issue. Too high humidity levels in the home not only make your environment uncomfortable; it makes your air conditioner work harder to keep the home cool. Dry air feels cooler than damp air. Controlling humidity means you can feel more comfortable with the thermostat setting a little higher to cut energy costs. Keep reading for ways to control indoor air humidity.

Make Sure Your Unit Size Is Correct

If your home has an HVAC that is not the correct size for the space, you may experience more humidity control issues. Oversized systems will not properly dehumidify the home because they will cool the home too quickly before the dehumidification process kicks in. On the other hand, an undersized system must work too hard to keep the home cool and likely can’t keep up with the dehumidification necessary to achieve a comfortable environment.

Use a Dehumidifier

Installing a dehumidifier in your home may be sufficient to remove the unwanted moisture from the air. Here are two popular dehumidifier options:

  • Stand Alone: A stand alone or portable dehumidifier is best for room-by-room dehumidification. They are easy to install and move to different areas of the home.
  • Ducted: A ducted dehumidifier provides whole home dehumidification. It removes moisture through the HVAC system’s ducts, rather than dehumidifying directly from the air in one room like a stand alone model.

Consider Installing a Multi-Stage Air Conditioner

If you determine that your current AC simply can’t provide the dehumidification you need to stay cool and comfortable, a multi-stage air conditioner may be a good option. A multi-stage AC uses a variable speed air handler you can adjust to achieve optimal comfort. When it is especially hot and humid, you can turn the air handler on high, creating the ideal balance of humidity and temperature. Do you need help finding the right dehumidification solution to control humidity in your home this summer? Our trusted HVAC technicians are here to help. Contact G+S Energy Services today to get answers to your questions or to schedule service.

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