Hot Weather Is Hard On Your HVAC System. Here’s Why Maintenance Is Important

Are you on the fence about HVAC system maintenance? It’s time to schedule it because hot weather is hard on your system. Here’s why maintenance is important.

A thermometer raised to the sky against a blazing sun. The temperature reading is 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Heat of Summer

There’s nothing like coming into a nice cool house in the middle of a hot summer day. Have you ever considered why your home is cool and what your AC goes through to keep it that way? It works to send cool air into all the rooms in your house, but it also exchanges that cool air for warm air that makes your home uncomfortable. As the temperature outside goes up, it becomes more difficult for your AC to keep the air inside cool. Your air conditioner must work overtime to keep up with demand. Without maintenance, it won’t be as effective as it could be, and it could use more energy than it should and have a greater chance of breaking down.

It's the Heat and the Humidity

Without reducing the humidity in your home, your AC wouldn’t make your home that much more comfortable. While it cools the air, it also lowers the relative humidity. On those hot summer days when the outdoor humidity is close to 80%, your air conditioning system can take a beating trying to remove a large quantity of moisture from the air to make your home feel cooler. This extra work takes a heavy toll on the equipment. Regular maintenance helps ensure your HVAC system will continue working on the hottest and most humid days. You won’t have to worry about minor problems lingering in your system that turn into expensive issues.

Instead of worrying about your AC breaking down this summer from all the work it does during hot and humid days, make sure you have a reliable HVAC maintenance plan. Contact the G+S Heating and Air team for the best plan for your home and budget.

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