Give your HVAC Unit A Holiday Gift: End of the Year Maintenance

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Did you know that HVAC maintenance agreements can make your holidays even merrier? If your heating system wasn’t serviced in the fall to prep for the winter weather, you could be feeling the holiday chill instead of the holiday cheer. But it’s not too late to sign up for a service plan. It’s the holiday gift that keeps on giving. Here’s how:

Maintenance Agreements: The Basics

While furnace maintenance might not be at the top of your gift wish list, it is at the top of your HVAC system’s list. Why? Because it ensures your heating and air conditioning system get the TLC they deserve, in the spring and the fall. A maintenance plan includes:

• Changing the air filter
• Cleaning the outside unit
• Inspecting and lubricating the moving parts and components
• Check and calibrate the thermostat
• Check the connections
• Make sure there are no leaks or issues

A Gift for Your HVAC System and You

Your heating system works hard for you all winter long. That kind of use can cause wear and tear on the parts, cause dirt and grime to build up on the equipment and create issues if it doesn’t get proper maintenance. Getting your HVAC system the gift of a service call from a reliable HVAC technician can help keep it running longer, stronger, and more efficiently now and into the new year. Your home will be more consistently warm, and your system will be more energy-efficient and less likely to break down.

Don’t go into 2020 with a neglected heating system. Get the maintenance agreement that’s right for you from the experts at G+S Heating Air Energy Services.

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