2 Energy Cost Hacks You Didn’t Know About

As we move from summer to fall, energy services professionals have some handy hacks you can use to cut down on your energy costs. Take a look at two you might not know about.

Hack 1: The Flexibility of Ceiling Fans

We often think ceiling fans are just for summer use. It might surprise you to know that they can help cut your energy costs in every season. In the summer, they should rotate counterclockwise to blow down. This creates a cooling effect to help make your rooms feel cooler, which reduces the amount of AC you need. In the cooler months, change the direction, so they rotate clockwise. This will help move the warm air that rises to the ceiling back down into the room, helping to make your home feel warmer and cutting down on the amount of heat you need.

Hack 2: Use Shades and Blinds to Help Keep Your Home Comfortable

Did you know that your shades and blinds actually provide additional benefits to you beyond giving you privacy? As the fall season approaches and you switch from AC to heat, your blinds can save you money and keep you warm! When you open your blinds during the day you allow the radiant heat from the sun to fill your home with supplemental warmth. Additionally, once you close them at night it keeps the heat inside. Your blinds can give you privacy, warmth and keep your money in your wallet.

These are just two HVAC hacks that make your fall months more enjoyable. Contact the pros at G+S Heating Air Energy Services today for more year-round tips.

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