Can Changing My Ceiling Fan Direction Really Save Me Money?

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The energy services team at G+S knows a thing or two about saving energy. One question that comes up a lot has to do with using ceiling fans. We know they help keep us cool in the summer, but what can they do for us in the winter? Take a look at why changing the direction of your ceiling fan can save you money.

It’s All About Airflow

Ceiling fan blades angle to either push air down or pull air up. In the summer, you want the ceiling fan to blow down. This creates a cooling effect. For cooling, the fan needs to move in a counterclockwise direction to push air down into the room. However, in the winter, you want the fan to move in a clockwise direction allowing the blades to pull air up.

Why Air Going Up Saves Money

It’s easy to understand how fans cool us when it’s hot. But using them in the winter seems counterintuitive. When the fan rotates clockwise, it pulls air in the room up, dispersing the warm air that gathers up high. Because hot air rises, when your heat is on in the winter, a lot of that warm air will be up by the ceiling. A fan set on low will move that warm air down and circulate it throughout the room. This circulation will make your home feel warmer, so you need less heat to make it comfortable. Less heat means energy savings and lower monthly utility bills.

Do you want more tips for using less energy and saving money while still keeping your home comfortable this winter? Talk to the energy services professionals at G+S Heating Air Energy Services today.

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