Benefits of Upgrading to a Smart Thermostat for Your Office

What do commercial services pros say about smart thermostats?

You rely on your commercial services team to keep things running right at your office. Your employees and customers expect a comfortable space to work and do business in, and without the right support, you can’t guarantee consistent temperatures. When it comes to your office comfort level, what else would the experts say? These days, they might just recommend an upgrade to smart thermostat technology. Why?

Take a look at some of the benefits a smart thermostat can offer in a commercial building:

Benefit #1: Enhanced Programming Options

Old thermostats have limited programming capabilities. Smart thermostats have a wide range of programming and scheduling options. You can set them to adjust based on business hours, shifts, building occupancy, areas with more or less use, days, and times.

Benefit #2: Reduced Energy Bills

If you’re like most businesses, you’re watching your bottom line. Increased programmability means increased energy efficiency, which means lower utility bills. Smart thermostats also let you monitor your energy use in real-time, so you can adjust accordingly to keep your heating and cooling under control and on budget.

Benefit #3: Control the Temperature from Anywhere

When employees request a temperature adjustment due to weather changes or personal preferences, it needs attention. Instead of sending a facilities manager or technician to adjust the thermostat manually, you can adjust it remotely from anywhere via a WIFI connection and an app. Save time and resources while saving energy and money.

There are too many benefits to not upgrade to a smart thermostat system for your office or business. Contact our commercial services team at G+S for the right upgrade for your space.

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