3 Ways HVAC Residential System Performance Testing Can Save You Money

Technician testing HVAC unit during maintenance service.

Everyone is looking for ways to cut down on their heating and air conditioning costs these days, but no one wants to sacrifice comfort in the process. The good news is you don’t have to. You can keep your home as comfortable as you like it and still spend less money on your heating and cooling bills. Here are three things you should know about how HVAC residential system performance testing can help.

#1: The Lowdown on HVAC Efficiency

Studies have shown that most home heating and cooling systems are not running at peak performance. Most are running at less than 60% of capacity. The result is that your HVAC system must work overtime to keep up, leading to increased energy bills. In addition to spending more to run your heat and AC, you risk shortening the life of the system with overuse which will take a toll on the equipment.

#2: What Causes Reduced Efficiency?

Many factors can contribute to reduced efficiency in your HVAC system. Some of them include age, wear and tear, leaks in the ducts, dirty coils, dirty or clogged air filters, poorly planned duct routing, and lack of regular maintenance, to name a few. The best way to resolve these issues is with proper diagnosis and service to correct them.

#3: What Performance Testing Can Do

HVAC system performance testing is the best way to evaluate your heating and cooling system, identify potential issues, and create a plan for addressing them. Only HVAC techs trained and certified in performance testing have the knowledge, training, and experience to uncover the problems and improve the performance of your system. 

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