3 Tips to Keep HVAC Costs Low in the Fall

HVAC Maintenance

According to reliable energy services professionals, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to save money heating your home. There are some simple and affordable ways you can keep your HVAC costs low while still keeping your home nice and warm this fall and into the winter. Here are three of our favorite tips:

Tip #1: Change Your Air Filter

Your air filter is the gateway to your HVAC system. When your air filter gets dirty and clogged, it can impact the efficiency of your furnace. Changing your filter every 30-90 days will keep the air flowing more freely into and through the equipment. Your furnace will use less energy and still keep your house warm.

Tip #2: Upgrade Your Thermostat

If you’re still using an old analog thermostat, or even an old version or a digital programmable one, it could be time for an upgrade. A smart thermostat has virtually limitless programming potential to help you heat your home when you’re there, and a little less when you’re not. Lowering the temperature even a few degrees when you’re not home can save you money on your energy bills.

Tip #3: Regular Maintenance

Having an HVAC technician service your furnace in the fall before heating season will save you money. Regular maintenance means fewer breakdowns, less money spent on repairs, and a system that runs more efficiently.

You can have a cozy house and still save money on your utility bills. For more tips on keeping your HVAC costs low this fall, talk to the energy services professionals at G+S Heating Air Energy Services today.

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