3 Risks Of DIY HVAC Repair

A person using a screwdriver to open the cover of an HVAC system.

Are you a DIY weekend warrior? Before tackling any HVAC repair yourself, make sure you understand the risks.

When things go wrong around the house, it’s tempting to DIY the fix, but when it comes to your heating and air conditioning, be sure to put on the brakes. There are risks to doing your own HVAC repair. Here are the top three.

Risk #1: Safety

There are reasons HVAC technicians have licenses and insurance. Heating and AC are complex mechanical systems that require knowledge of the components that create warm and cool air, and the electrical system that the equipment runs on. Cross the wrong wires or install the heating element or pilot light wrong, and you could wind up with a house fire.

Risk #2: Cost

It might seem like a cost-saver to DIY your HVAC repair, but it could end up costing you more than having a technician out for service. Buying the right tools and parts, the time to understand how to diagnose the problem, and then calling in the pros if things go sideways will add dollars to your repair budget.

Risk #3: Warranty Voiding

Most heating and air conditioning warranties stipulate that only authorized individuals can repair the system. Only licensed HVAC technicians can perform most repairs without voiding the warranty. Doing repairs or installation yourself is taking a big risk should something go wrong with the equipment in the future, leaving you without warranty coverage.

Lots of homeowners excel at household project DIY. But, when it comes to your HVAC system, leave the repairs and maintenance to the experts, and avoid the risk that comes with doing it yourself. Contact G+S Heating and Air for all your professional heating and air conditioning service and repair needs.

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