3 Benefits of a Fall Commercial Maintenance Visit

What benefits do fall commercial services provide your HVAC system?

Hire the right business to perform HVAC commercial services to enjoy lower bills all winter long. How? By taking a chunk out of your biggest expense. Most business and homeowners underestimate how much of their energy costs come from heating and cooling -- up to 60 percent!

Here are three ways fall maintenance pays off:

1. Reduce Energy Use

As time goes on, your system collects dust, dirt, and other debris. It builds up in the air filter and on moving components, making it more difficult to control the temperature inside your business. The more resistance, the more energy a system needs to move air around. By changing your filter and cleaning your system, you lower resistance and the energy needed to run your HVAC unit.

2. Extend the Life of Your HVAC Equipment

Along with lessening the amount of energy needed to run your system, cleaning and changing the air filters reduces the physical stress on it. A well-maintained heat pump or furnace experiences less wear-and-tear. Your unit won’t need as many repairs to stay running and it will last for years longer than equipment that gets ignored.

3. Increase Comfort for Customers and Staff

Studies show a direct correlation between temperature, comfort, and productivity. Not only does comfort increase employee performance, but temperatures that are too high or too low contribute to illness-related absences. Customers also enjoy doing business in locations with suitable climate control, so investing in a well-running HVAC unit is an investment in your bottom line.

Explore all of the benefits of our expert commercial services by contacting G+S Heating Air and Energy Services today.

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