2 Surprising Ways Spring Storms Could Affect Your Energy Efficiency

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If spring storms are sending your costs sky-high, check out these energy services.

At G + S, we provide several energy services to help keep your home comfortable at the lowest cost. This is especially true during spring storm season. High winds, flooding and other issues can create an unsafe environment, disrupt your services or send your bills through the roof.

Here are just two ways the weather can interfere with indoor climate control:

1. Electrical Problems Drive up Heating and Cooling Costs

Driving rains and raging winds can shift equipment. The resulting electric damage has a big impact on energy efficiency. When people start to feel uncomfortable, they turn up the heat or the cold air, but that won't matter if the outdoor unit is struggling. All the energy you're investing in a well-functioning system can go to waste. Worse, running equipment with electrical damage can be a fire risk.

If your outdoor unit starts to run strangely after a spring storm, schedule an inspection to identify the problem. It could be a bigger deal than you assume.

2. Excess Humidity Hurts Your Energy Bill Too

As rainstorms push humidity higher, you naturally feel warmer than usual. That’s a benefit when cold temperatures are raging. When the heat is starting to rise? It can force you to turn your thermostat higher than necessary. An energy audit by G + S will identify gaps in your home’s construction. Fix them to keep outdoor humidity levels from driving up your AC expenses.

Pay attention to the way your HVAC units perform after a storm blows through so you can address problems as soon as they start. Trust we’ll be here to help!

Step up your energy services, so your family stays comfortable regardless of the weather. Contact one of our G + S heating and air conditioning experts today.

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