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4 Quick Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Your indoor air quality affects everything from your health to your HVAC system. If you feel like you could be feeling better, it could be that your indoor air isn’t as good as it could be. Take a look at four quick ways to improve it. #1: Open the Windows When it’s not too hot […]

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3 Greatest Hacks for Saving Money and Staying Cool

Are you on the hunt for some energy and money-saving tips and tricks this summer? You can do it without giving up on a cool, comfortable house. Take a look at these three hacks you can put into action now. Hack #1: Change Your HVAC Air Filter This one seems too simple to make a […]

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How to Tell if Your HVAC Unit Needs to Be Checked

Everything in your home needs some TLC from time to time, and that includes your heating and air conditioning system. Here are some tried and true ways to tell if your HVAC unit needs checking. Your House Doesn’t Feel Comfortable If your home doesn’t feel as cool in the summer or warm in the winter […]

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5 Secrets to Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is more important than ever. It’s easier than you think to work toward a healthier planet, as well as saving some money. Here are five secrets you should know. Secret #1: Reverse the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans Many homeowners don’t realize how important it is to change the direction of your ceiling […]

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