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Range Hood Venting & Installation

A range hood can make a world of difference in your kitchen, your home, and in your health. Mounted above the stove, you might not really notice it until whatever you are cooking starts to smoke. As you don’t want smoke around your food, you switch the range hood on to get some cleaner air.

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Some range hoods operate by pulling in the contaminated air and running it through a filter before pushing it back out into the kitchen. Other range hoods force the unclean air outdoors, leaving you breathing more pure air indoors.

Either way, you want to make sure that your range hood vent eliminates the smoke, grease, and odors coming from your kitchen stove. Your range hood isn’t helping anyone if it is just recirculating unclean air.

The main area of interest for most homeowners when it comes to range hood venting is air quality. The primary purpose of range hoods is to make sure that you are breathing clean air, instead of smoke or greasy odors. But range hoods also help protect you from the effects of carbon monoxide exposure within your home.

This removal of air, from a location that it often becomes impure, can impact your health for the better. You can breathe easier knowing that the air you breathe in your home is not harmful. This benefit plays true for all who are in your home.

It might be time to double check that your kitchen is as safe as you think it is. If you are concerned that you aren’t benefiting as much from your existing range hood as much as you should, contact G+S today. Our experts can help you decide on what route you can take to breathe easier in the kitchen.